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PC Magazine

I worked at PC Magazine from 1997 through 1998, back during the “golden days” of the magazine when it was in the top 10 magazines in the country in terms of circulation, back when Ziff-Davis was still a private company, back when each issue of the magazine was almost an inch thick because of all the advertisers who wanted to have a full page spread, back when the company took the entire 100+ editorial staff on a week-long retreat each winter to a different tropical country.

There were lots of parties and free swag and I spent my time hand-coding all the content for the magazine. It was a bi-weekly and there were hundreds of pages of content, but almost no one was using any kind of CMS yet. Some guys at CNet had come up with something called Vignette that people at ZD were working on integrating, but that never got implemented before I left. One trick I learned was using Microsoft Word’s mail-merge tool to create dozens or hundreds of pages at a time.