Matchstick Media Production

Online Portfolio for the Web Sites Built and Managed by Matt Slaybaugh

The First Plate


This site is a clone of my Gotham Menus site. After spending time in Delaware, it seemed that it wouldn’t be difficult to replicate a lot of the work by simply copying the CMS I had created and just focusing on content.


Gotham2go and this site – as well as some others I’ve done – are directory sites, essentially like the Yellow Pages. Success comes from having a comprehensive listing of something. Users won’t use it if it only has a tiny fraction of the possible listings, but the site does not need to be 100% complete, either. The site is ad-based, using Google AdSense. The sites are getting consistent click-through rates of about 1%, which isn’t bad.


The design is a copy of Gotham2go, with minor changes. This site also needs to be updated to use current CSS practices.


I made a few changes to the backend after copying the Gotham2go site, mostly due to changes in the industry – specifically that many restaurants have websites, which was not true in 1999.