Matchstick Media Production

Online Portfolio for the Web Sites Built and Managed by Matt Slaybaugh

Distance learning, Inc.

This site no longer exists, but was an attempt to teach foreign language (specifically English as a second language) via the Web.

This was 1998 and the resources for streaming audio (an essential part of language instruction) was limited. To be precise, we were able to stream out, but many users had trouble on their end, especially since most were outside the U.S.

We used the Mac HTTPD with, believe it or not, FileMaker Pro as the database. It actually worked OK.

The worst part were the blueberry iMacs we had to use in the office.

The URL was, but it’s no longer active.

We were a block south of the iVillage office, right in “Silicon Alley”. We were one of many IPO hopefulls during that era that never went anywhere.