Matchstick Media Production

Online Portfolio for the Web Sites Built and Managed by Matt Slaybaugh

Jupiter Media is now known as Jupiter Media and remains a leading online trade publisher of Internet-related content.

Other than my first job, at Cornell, this was my longest job, from 1998 to 2001, at the heyday and end of the dot-com era.

I began by running with a welcome amount of autonomy. This was a time when all that mattered was pageviews and I had free reign to do whatever I wanted to increase that. This was a great opportunity to learn Perl and shell scripting.

I was eventually given more sites to oversee and more authority, culminating in my becoming the managing editor of the Wireless Channel. It was an exciting time to be part of the wireless space, although no one had any idea what was coming. In 2001, WAP (wireless application protocol) and WML (wireless markup language) were the buzzwords, and “wi-fi” was not yet a household term.