Matchstick Media Production

Online Portfolio for the Web Sites Built and Managed by Matt Slaybaugh

What I Do

My company, Matchstick, has been around since 1999 and since then we’ve created many small- and medium-scale websites and consulted for many others.

– Strategy
My primary focus now is on strategy. By looking at log files and using tools such as Google Analytics, we can see who is using a site and in what way, and then we can make decisions about how to improve the site to best achieve the goals of the site.

– SEO – Search-Engine Optimization
Search engines – specifically Google – are often the primary way new readers find sites. There are techniques we can use to make sure that people find your site.

– Site Maintenance
Development is only one part of running a website. Once the site is live and the developers have gone, there are still the weekly or monthly updates and tweaks that your current staff are too busy to do. But at the same time, there isn’t enough work to justify hiring someone even on a part-time basis. In that scenario, I can work on a regular arrangement to do a monthly or quarterly “tune-up” where I make sure your Drupal or WordPress site is up-to-date and make any content changes you need.

– Media Production
I make and maintain websites. These days I do far more customization of existing content management systems (CMSs such as Drupal, WordPress, etc.) than I build sites from scratch. Also, I now do as much user experience design, content development, and usage analysis as I do coding.

I am a generalist and think of myself more as a “web mechanic” than “web engineer”. I develop web applications and also troubleshoot other people’s applications when they don’t work.

In terms of specific skills:

I use everyday:
PHP, MySQL, CSS, Photoshop

… every month:
Flash, JavaScript, ColdFusion

… and have used:
ASP, Perl, shell scripting, AfterEffects, ProTools, and lots more