In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade
Escape from Kilmainham Gaol
Part I: The Cell


- Look at the panel in the door
- You see an '8' embossed in the metal

- Look through peephole
- Get used to focus feature
- - When the cursor is centered vertically, the image is clear. Moving the mouse up or down makes it blurry
- - Moving the mouse left and right pans the view of the wall on the other side of the corridor
- - Notice the numbers on the wall
- - - "...7" and "93.."
- - - They seem to correspond to the numbers of the cells on the other side of the corridor

- Back up and click the panel in the upper right
- You need to open the panel by pushing some of the rivets holding it in place
- - There are only 3 you need to push
- - Thinking of the directions on a compass, the order is East, South, East
- The panel opens and you see a 3x3 grid of numbers
- Click them to see that the numbers go from 1 through 9

- Back up and turn around
- Look at the bench
- - It is carved with numbers, all in pairs, all inside of simple grids
- - - This must be the clue to the number/grid puzzle next to the door
- - The numbers are all between 1 and 9 inclusive.
- - Vertical strokes mean 1, 4 strokes with a diagonal line through them mean 5
- - The numbers in the 2x3 grids show you where those numbers appear in the final 3x3 grid, with 2 possibilities
- - - eg. The first pair of numbers looks like:

Which could mean either:

 | |7

By looking at all the pairs you should be able to come up with the final answer:


- Turn around and enter the numbers
- The panel drops a bit and a handle appears, pull the handle
- Now you see some metal pins and wooden blocks. They all slide, the pins horizontally and the blocks vertically
- Move them around and you see they are concealing the backside of the combination lock

- Back up and turn around
- Click the little black doohicky in the lower left
- It conceals a 2-page note from Simeon Meade.
- Click the lower right corner of the note to get to page 2
- - The only part of the note that has bearing on the game play is the part that says "the combination for the lock is the cell number"
- - - So you know you are looking for the number of your cell
- - - The combination lock takes 4 digits
- - You saw some numbers in the hallway
- - Assuming the cells are numbered in order, the cel across from you is #...7 and your cell is #...8
- - The cell nearby begins with #93..
- - - So you just need one other digit

- Click the black box near the ceiling
- Open it
- It is a fusebox with three settings: light, door, and alarm
- - Pulling the fuse out of the 'light' socket makes everything dark
- - The 'door' socket doesn't seem to do anything
- - The 'alarm' switch causes a pulsing yellow glow
- - - Maybe this is enough extra light to see the other numbers in the hallway?

- Turn around and look through the peephole
- - You can see both numbers better now: '..47' and '934.'
- - - So your cell number must be #9348
- Enter the cell number into the combination lock
(- You may want to first return the fuse to the 'light' socket)
- - But, you're looking at it backward, so you have to enter the digits in reverse order
- - A handle appears, but it doesn't do anything

- Return to the fusebox and put the fuse in the 'door' socket

- Go back to the panel and click the handle

The door is now open